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System Implementation


Small Business Accounting Systems

Accounting software is an essential tool for running a healthy business – to monitor the money you bring in and the expenses you pay out.

In selecting your accounting system you need to match your market, operations, and budget

For a smooth implementation JS Business Designs can provide the full service of selecting and implementing your accounting system.

Implementation Planning:  Decisions on the Chart of Accounts, customer and vendors numbers, inventory items, integration, training, and going live.

Installation:  Properly configure hardware and network to support the new accounting software.

Accounting System Configuration:  Establish your company chart of accounts; load and configure customers, vendors, payroll; and convert historical data.

System Training:  Coordinate and assist with the training of users to effectively use your new software.

Go Live:  Bring your new accounting officially available for use in your organization.

ERP Consulting

If your business has larger Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system needs, JS Business Designs can provide full ERP consulting service for your organization.

Understanding different departments and processes such as Customer Relationship Management, Production, Manufacturing, Human Resources Management, Supply Management, Finance, Product Lifecycle Management, Inventory, Purchasing, Payroll etc. is very important.  Employees in these department are the stakeholder of a successful ERP Implementation.

Our consultants will work closely with your organization providing project management to design, select implement, and maintain your ERP system.  The ERP consultant can provide your organization with a helping hand.

Not For Profit Accounting Systems

They are substantial differences between the for profit and not for profit worlds. Their differences begin with their core missions—nonprofits exist to meet society’s needs, while for-profit businesses exist to make a profit

The base methodology for implementing a small business accounting system and a not for profit accounting systems are the same.  However, there are substantial accounting and reporting differences that need to be taken into account.

At JS Business Designs we are very aware of these differences.  We can work with your not for profit to understand  your accounting needs order to maximize your resources so you can spend more time raising awareness for your cause.


Data Conversion and Migration

If you have data in old cumbersome systems, spreadsheets, or databases that you need to put in new systems or better applications, JS Business Designs can assist with the conversion and migration of that information. 

We can assist with unlocking your data for better use.  We follow the following steps to achieve that goal.

Identify the data format, location, and sensitivity of your source data

Extract the data from the old system

Cleanup and organize the data to be used in the old systems

Load the organized data into the new systems

Test and verify